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Carona Crafts

These times may be crazy but...One thing for sure, it is nice to have free time to spend with our loved ones and enjoy old hobbies and investigate new options.

When I was in Middle school I took painting lessons and I truly loved oil painting. I later dabbled in charcoal sketching so it’s nice to share this with my daughter. We had already stocked up on paint supplies and canvases long before the pandemic but now we find ourselves pointing glue guns around. Oh, the craftiness of it all. I doubt there is a fake flower left in a 20-mile radius of the Hampton’s. We both have lofty goals, last night under the watchful eye of our loyal pooch in residence Gucci Girl we made a lovely Easter Wreath for the Grandparents as a test run.The creative vibe is alive here!

Some suggestions to get started for fun

Painting - multi-colored acrylic paints fun for everything, clothing, tennis shoes, canvas or paper.

Brushes, multiple sizes, tips, sponges

Paper roll to place down for easy cleanup

Cups for water

Flower art

Any type of artificial flower with a removable head from the stem (use clippers to cut the wire)

Shells or other items work as well!

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks

Paper the table for the mess

A vessel or poster board to glue your items to and have fun!,

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