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Make It Personal

No matter how efficient technology and apps on phones can make communicating, you will be hard pressed to conjure up the kind of emotion stationery can. Of course we all love exciting animated texts and emojis, but a handwritten letter on personalized stationery is something else.

Stationery can evoke the feeling of a regal time when people took out time in their day to give all of their attention. To tell you how they felt, to thank you, to love you, to miss you, to wish you happy things or make sad times a little easier. The most overwhelming feeling that stationery can provide is that both the sender and the recipient are both equally special in this exchange.

I find the same to be true in giving or receiving stationery as a gift. It is excellent for any age, from a young child's name on a note pad, to business stationery for your friend venturing out into a new company, and everything in between. College dorm, kitchen note pads, etc. This is a touching gift as it requires some thought, color selection and timing. I always get great reactions from this gift, especially from those who have everything.

This is a great way to show off your own personality as well, it’s a great way to leave a little piece of yourself behind a business meeting with a cute note or notepad. Personalized note cards for you and your kids is super chic and affordable, more so than regular birthday cards. Who knows, this could raise your social status to get you invited to even more parties! While you're at it, don’t forget to order some thank you notes in your package to send out after those meetings and parties. These cover a range of price points- think teacher gifts to high-end recipients with accessories added on for those extra-special people. Imagine a Montblanc Bonheur to pen your correspondences. Now that's next level- so your stationery should be too, may I suggest.

Some super luxe stationery stores to try in NYC:

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