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My Winter Skincare Secrets

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

When it comes to skincare, don’t be a flake! Pick a good routine and stick to it. It’s easy to keep your skin smooth and supple all winter long with the right daily steps to success.

Be a thirsty girl and drink lots of water. Winter’s here to stay, and constant indoor heat can be so drying on your face. Keep your surroundings moist, and run that diffuser (pick a scent to match your mood!) to keep your skin happy, hydrated and healthy.

Be sure to moisturize - keep a good face and body serum on hand! Trust me, your skin will thank you. Don’t forget to take your vitamins! Make your body work for you from the inside, out. I take Vitamin E and D as well as fish oil and iron supplements. Don’t forget that when it comes to skincare, what you take in is just as important as what you put on. This counts for food too. Eat the way you want to look! This winter, do your body right. Stock up on rich leafy greens, berries and root vegetables. Sweet potatoes are a slam dunk, too. I even like to put mint in my water or even plain seltzer. It makes me drink more, and it tastes great.

As always, exercise! Keep it moving, enough to break a sweat. You’d be amazed what a good workout can do for your glow. Try to get your 8 hours at night and you’ll be your best self by the morning. My skincare mantra is to keep screen time to a minimum. Blue light is not your friend!

Most importantly - and I cannot stress this enough!- smile. Happiness makes everyone look and feel better. All of our beauty, skin and otherwise, comes from within. As I like to say, pretty is as pretty does. Keep that as an incentive to do good things - not like you needed it. ;)

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