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My Top Summer Days at Sea

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I'll never forget how exciting it was when the Beau Lake team pulled up to my house.

Sleek and stunning is an understatement. This boat belonged in a James Bond movie.

I spent all of last summer in the Beau Lake Tahoe electric boat. I was getting used to hearing "Wow, that was quite an entrance!"

I would cruise around with my daughter, Marcella, after school. The Tahoe is a two seater, and we bonded so much just sitting side by side in the cabin. The beauty of this electric boat, aside from how beautiful it LOOKS, is there's no noisy drone of a motor. Truly hearing the sound of the water, the birds, the wind, or even just the peace and quiet of the afternoon made for the eco-chic summer of my dreams.

I even got pulled over with my oldest, Zack, on the Quogue Canal because the cops thought we stole the boat! It was never so easy to score cool points with my kids :)

I would say this boat screams luxury, but they say wealth whispers right? The woodgrain finish, the glimmering navy exterior, I felt like a million bucks just gliding along the water in silence, even just having a morning cup of coffee with my pup. Beau Lake truly embodies waterside luxury and I never felt more luxurious than I did this summer with this boat.

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